Kyon Smart Collar: Never Lose Your Pet Again

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Owning a pet is a great pleasure. If only we knew what they are thinking and feeling! And if only we could ensure that they would never get lost! Pets deserve our attention as they have needs and feelings. Wouldn’t it be ideal if they could communicate with us? So, what if we told you there is a pet collar which gives your pet a voice?

KYON smart collar is a multifunctional pet tracker that helps you communicate with your pet and simultaneously protects it from getting lost.

KYON is a stylish wearable device of highly advanced technology supporting a GPS and a GSM technology accompanied by an LED display where you can project the messages you want. Along with a Basestation and an easy-to-use mobile application that audits and receives alerts or info regarding your pets’ condition, KYON brings you closer to your best friend.

KYON smart collar tells you the exact location of your pet while it notifies you if your pet runs away from a specific distance approximately 300ft, a “safe zone” which can be extended by adding a SIM card for an extra $4.99 per month.

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With its Sense technology, the KYON collar lets pet owners feel their pets’ mood. For example, there is an embedded 9- axis accelerometer which updates you about your pet’s activity levels (if feeling happy or sleepy) when you are not at home. Moreover, KYON collar has a heat sensor which informs you whether your pet is feeling too hot or too cold. It holds as well a water sensor that operates like a “lifeguard” by notifying the owner when it detects water.

KYON smart collar, offers some additional exciting features which along with the aforementioned guarantee that it is the smartest collar there is. The collar helps you avoid dangerous dog fights with its pacifying technology that uses a high frequency sound that calms your pet. Tip: When two pets of contradictory breeds are both wearing a KYON collar, then the pacifier feature is activated automatically. Barking can be sometimes risky and annoying. KYON prevents your beloved “yeller” from barking with its “Shhh…!” feature.

In addition, with KYON you can also in-flight monitor you pet and thanks to KYON’s vet appointment and annual vaccination as well as walk reminder your pet’s needs won’t be forgotten.

KYON has a 30 day life rechargeable battery (depends on usage).  It is designed for pets with 25 to 50cm neck perimeter and its leash clip can support over 30 kg and it operates in 120 countries worldwide. Details, finally, can make the difference, hence KYON smart collar is offered in a variety of colors in order to make the choice you prefer.

KYON pet collar is a KICKSTARTER project which has launched its campaign in March and aims to be funded by the 15th of May 2016 (5:35 PM +03:00). If you want to be part of this initiative, then, don’t hesitate: Make your pet the perfect gift!

Guest blog article written by Fenny Chroni

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