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Packed with effective, science-based recovery techniques specific to your type of missing cat:
  • Learn What Really Works: Don't blindly follow all the advice that you find on the internet.  Much of it is wrong and can even make finding your cat more difficult.
  • Don't get overwhelmed:  Follow these simple guidelines to get moving on your search right away.  The faster that you implement these search tactics, the faster you will find your lost cat. . 
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The most effective search techniques to find your missing cat depend a lot on your cat's outdoor experience and the circumstances of their disappearance.  Finding an escaped indoor-only cat is very different from an outdoor-access cat that did not return home or a cat that escaped from their carrier outside the vet's office or while on vacation.  Make sure that you are using the most effective methods to find your lost cat by selecting the most appropriate search checklist below. 

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Types of Search Checklists Available

Not sure which checklist to select?  Read the descriptions below to find the most appropriate checklist for your situation.  If you are not sure, then just pick the ONE checklist that you think is closest to your situation, and you will have the option to download multiple checklists on the download page.  

Search Checklist for Lost Indoor-Only Cats
  • Best for escaped or missing indoor-only cats.  This checklist is most specific to indoor cats with limited or no outdoor experience.  Works for indoor cats lost from home or an unfamiliar location.
Search Checklist for Lost Outdoor-Access Cats
  • Best for cats allowed outdoors unsupervised and that went missing from their home or a familiar location.  Do not use this checklist if your cat was newly adopted or only recently started going outside at this location.  Instead see the Search Checklist for Cats Lost Away from Home.
Search Checklist for Cats Lost Away from Home
  • Best for cats lost from an unfamiliar location such as a new home, while traveling, vet's office or boarding location, camping, hotel or vacation home, or accidental transport in a vehicle.  Also works for recently adopted cats that go missing from a new home.

Still can't decide which checklist to choose?  Don't worry!  Just pick the ONE checklist that you think is closest to your situation, and you will have the option to download multiple checklists on the download page.  

Why use the Lost Pet Research and Recovery search checklists?

Many lost cats can be found if you just know the proper search techniques and the sooner you implement these techniques, the quicker you can find your lost cat.  There’s a lot of information on finding lost cats on the internet, but unfortunately, much of this information is wrong or not specific to the type of cat missing.  Don’t waste time following questionable information on the internet and the advice of well-meaning (but potentially ill-informed) friends and family.

If you use the correct search techniques right from the start you may be able to find your lost cat in less than a week and often within a few days.  On the other hand, if you try lots of other techniques first, it may take weeks to find your lost cat, and some cats are never found.  If it has already been a while, don't give up hope!  Lost cats have been found weeks or even months after they  have gone missing.  

What makes our checklists different from all the others?

The Lost Pet Research & Recovery Search Checklists are the only lost cat search checklists tailored specifically to the type of cat missing (both their outdoor experience and location lost).  These checklists are also based on research and data collected from over a decade of experience finding lost cats.

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