Lost Cat Diego FoundUpdate: Diego has been found!

Found on 10/30/17 approximately 2.75 miles away.  Sighting due to posting on Nextdoor.com.  He had traveled beyond the initial poster area.  A follow-up search of the area uncovered more recent sightings and Diego came out meowing to his owner’s calls.

Notes: Diego is not your typical lost cat.  He traveled farther than is common and he responded to his owner’s calls.

Please help find “Diego”

Lost Siamese Cat – South Deerfield, MA

Diego recently moved to a new home on South Mill River Road in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.  He was last seen on Thursday, October 19th at 2pm.  Diego is an outdoor-access cat and very friendly so he may have been picked up by someone that found him.  Owner is offering a reward for his return or information that leads to his return.  To contact his owner, text or call the phone number on the flyer (removed since found) or use the Contact Us form.

Unfortunately, there are not any recent photos of Diego.  The photos on this page are of similar looking cats though Diego has more dark fur on his back.

Description: Siamese Blue Point, “apple head” with crossed eyes and darker spots on hind quarters.  Approximately 13 years old and 10 lbs.  Diego has a microchip.


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