Lost cat stevie found


Update: Stevie has been found!

Stevie is home safe after two weeks missing! An indoor-only cat, he slipped outside unnoticed one evening. Knowing something of lost cat behavior, his owner did an intensive physical search the following day and found him hiding inside the hot tub housing. Unfortunately, he was frightened during taking apart the hot tub and ran off into some adjacent woods. We did a phone consultation and search five days later. At that time there were several potential sightings in the neighborhood including right around his home. Traps and cameras were set.

Stevie showed up on the camera across the street two nights later, but then not again. Three nights later there were lots of sightings and photos right around his home, but he did not enter any of the traps. Then he stopped showing up at this house and turned up at another neighbor’s (through a small wooded area) hanging out in their pool enclosure. Finally (nearly two weeks after he escaped), Stevie again showed up in his yard. This time it was early morning and he was near a slider. His owner quickly devised a “house-trap,” lured Stevie inside with food, and pulled the slider shut with a rope. (Southport, CT)

Please help find “Stevie”

Lost Silver-White Tabby in Southport, CT

Stevie is an indoor-only cat, and he slipped outside unnoticed on the evening of October 28.  The following evening he was found hiding in the yard, but ran away into a small wooded area near his home.  The week of October 29, there have been several possible sightings of Stevie on Evelyn Street.

Important: If you see Stevie, please do NOT try to approach him or catch him!  He is very skittish and frightened and will likely run away.  Instead, call or text the phone number on the flyer (removed) ASAP.  You can also contact his owner using the Contact Us form on this website.

Description: Short-haired silver-gray and white with darker gray/black tabby markings on face, legs and tail.  He has a white chest, underbelly and feet and blue eyes.  Approximately 10 lbs (medium-size).  Stevie is microchipped.


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