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Losing your cat can feel overwhelming and hopeless, but it doesn't have to be

  • You may feel overwhelmed.  There's an endless amount of lost cat advice on the internet and from those around you.  Can you possibly do it all? 
  • You may feel confused.  A lot of the advice you receive may be contradictory.  What really works?
  • You may feel hopeless.  Nothing is working and there's no sign of your cat.  Are they even around anymore?
  • You may feel like giving up.  People keep telling you that coyotes or other predators live in the area.  Is there any hope of finding your cat?
Cat Hiding in Rocks

Hi, I'm Danielle. I have been helping people find their lost cats since 2009 and I can teach you how to find your missing cat more quickly using proven, science-based lost cat recovery strategies. 

Danielle and Dante

How a Lost Cat Consultation Can Help You Find Your Cat More Quickly

  • Understand lost cat behavior.  When lost or displaced, most cats enter what is known as "survival mode."  When in this state, your cat is unlikely to behave the way that you think.  They may hide in fear, not respond to your voice, and even run from you searching for them.  Understanding lost cat behavior is key to finding and catching your cat more quickly.    
  • Learn the most effective lost cat recovery methods specific to your situation.  The most effective search methods vary based on your cat's personality, outdoor-experience, location lost and circumstances of their disappearance.  Don't waste your time, energy or money on search tactics that don't work.  
  • Avoid common mistakes that can actually make finding your cat more difficult.  When their cat goes missing, people often make wrong assumptions about what might have happened and how their cat will behave when lost. This problem is exacerbated by the often-inaccurate information on the internet and suggestions of well-meaning friends and neighbors. This all leads to many people looking in all the wrong places, using unhelpful search techniques, and ultimately giving up way too soon.   

Here's What is Included in Your

Lost Cat Consultation

The consultation includes a 1 hour virtual meeting (usually via Google Meet but other options are available), which you can schedule at the time of purchase.  Most initial consultations are completed within 1 hour, but an additional 30 minutes are available if needed.

During the consultation, you will:

  • Receive a prioritized search plan based on your cat's personality, location lost and circumstances of their disappearance
  • View an online map showing where to search, distribute flyers and put up posters 
  • View examples of effective lost cat posters and flyers
  • Learn about surveillance and trapping options (if appropriate to your case)
  • Have the opportunity to ask any questions and address any particular concerns

Choose from Two Available Consultation Packages

Basic Lost Pet Consultation


  • 60 - 90 minute virtual consultation  
  • Link to the online map showing where to search, distribute flyers and put up posters
  • Access to online materials including  search and recovery instructions, poster and flyer templates, trapping and camera checklists and more

Does NOT include any follow-up phone or email support, but this can be purchased separately if needed.  

Comprehensive Lost Pet Consultation


Includes everything in the Basic Lost Pet Consultation PLUS

  • Two hours of Additional Consultation Support via text, phone and/or email*
  • Assistance with design of effective advertising materials for your cat. This includes the choice of two designs such as a large or small poster, flyer, postcard or Facebook post. These are emailed as PDFs or photos for you to print.
  • A larger selection of consultation times may be available

*Must be used within one month of purchase.  

How to Schedule Your

Lost Cat Consultation

  • Step 1: Click Book Now to select a consultation type and schedule your time
  • Step 2: Submit a Lost Cat Questionnaire at least one hour prior to your scheduled consultation time
  • Step 3: Email copies of any posters or flyers that you are currently using.  If you don't have any yet, send a few photos of your missing cat.  

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Lost Cat Consultation Testimonials

Lost cat jules found

Jules Found After 3 Days Missing

"We contacted Danielle 30 hours after our 10 year old indoor-only cat escaped through a door that swung open in the middle of a very windy night. She gave us a lot of great information and advice all while instilling comfort and hope that we would find our cat again. We were successful in getting him back within 12 hours of talking to her over the phone. Her suggestions were things we would have never thought of or tried. Thank you again Danielle!"

Ayaz and Kim
- New Hampshire

Marcel Home Safe After 4 Days Lost

We lost our indoor cat, Marcel, on 10/10/2012 (10PM) and he was missing for 3 ½ days and finally retrieved on 10/14/2012 at 5AM. He basically vanished into thin-air and we were very concerned for his survival.

Danielle helped us to better understand cat behavior and successfully create an environment around our home that helped Marcel get back safely. She helped us setup humane Havahart traps, camouflage & bait properly, and use simple baby monitoring gear to help ensure Marcel made it home. Although every pet can’t be found, it is without a doubt that Danielle’s help allowed us to stack the deck in our favor. We are extremely grateful to have Marcel back home !!"

- Massachusetts
Lost Cat Tika Found

Tika Found After 8 Days Lost

"We had found a little black stray kitty and gave her food for a couple weeks as we discovered she was really friendly.  She was only with us for a week before she broke through the barriers in our home and got out. We live about 75 miles from where we found her, but didn’t know if she would try to go back to the abandoned house she had lived at.

We did some research the next morning on things to do. We put out some flyers, posted on lost pet websites, and walked all over our neighborhood. We hadn’t lost hope, but wanted some help. That’s when we decided to call Danielle. We lost her on the 6th of July and contacted her on the 11th. She was very encouraging and came up with some great ideas about places to put posters and her poster design looked great, so we used it. She also suggested a reward which we think also helped. She really helped us with making sure that what we were doing was on track. She was really positive and kept us going.

On July 14th, three days after we had a phone consultation with Danielle, we got a call. Someone had seen one of our posters and had seen our kitty too! She was almost a mile from our house, and on what looked to be a straight line on her way to her old abandoned house! We were so glad we called Danielle. Now we have our little friend back home with us and she was so happy to be with us again too. Thank you Danielle!"

Jay and Victoria
- California
Danielle Robertson

Owner of Lost Pet Research and Recovery

About Me

I started my business in 2009 after becoming certified as a Missing Animal Response Technician through Missing Pet Partnership.  From 2011-2019 my search dog Dante assisted me in finding many lost cats.  

I have a B.A. in Wildlife Ecology and have worked as a wildlife biologist, environmental consultant, and veterinary assistant.  

I am currently a member of the Missing Animal Response Network and continue to study dog and cat behavior through seminars, the scientific literature, and my own research projects. 

More Lost Cat Testimonials

Sophie Found After 1 Day Missing

I want to give a public “Thank You” to Danielle. My indoor only 16y.o. cat “Sophie” had escaped out of the house for just 24hrs. I had searched every remote area I could, and spent all day and night looking. After finally stopping for a break I decided to check the internet and came across LostPetResearch in the google ads. Honestly, I really felt it was all going to be money spent just to make me feel good. Let’s face it, everything on the internet can be made up- but NOT this lady’s advice.

I spent the money for a phone consult and was promptly given an appointment for a consult. Saturday night at 8pm (no strict 9-5 hours here!). After a long chat with Danielle (I was not rushed, I was listened to and given lots of patience by her). She gave me some concrete steps to take- and really helped me focus my search. Honestly, I had NO idea where to focus or exactly how to search. She told me exactly what to do and I could not believe it I found little lost Sophie Cat within 10 minutes of going back outside!

Something else I liked about her services is that she did not try and push me into getting the dog. I had resigned myself to spending the money and hiring her asap to get her search dog over to my area. She told me the dog searching was not right for my situation. I feel that’s one of the marks of a true pro- she cares about outcomes and is not just here to take my funds. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent (Sophie thinks so too). So thank you Danielle and if you’re on the fence for using her services I strongly suggest a basic phone consult right away!"

- Vermont

Everest Home Safe After 11 Days Missing

"Danielle was invaluable in aiding us in getting our cat Everest home.  He was an originally a feral cat that we trapped 6 months earlier on our screened in porch (originally for neutering and veterinary care), who quickly became very sociable and loving. We adopted him, brought him into our girls’ rooms in the house, and were very gradually introducing him to our older cats on a harness. While in the harness I thought Everest would enjoy going outside, but he panicked, got loose from the harness, and ran off. For several days we searched, set traps, and looked on our outdoor cameras without luck, and we were devastated. 

While searching the internet late at night for ideas we found Lost Pet Research and ordered a comprehensive consultation. The next morning, I discussed Everest’s somewhat unique situation with Danielle (feral to indoor only for 6 months), and I knew she was going to be tremendously helpful. She had encountered similar situations previously, and she was able to reassure me that we had an excellent chance of returning Everest home. Danielle was able to shed light on his likely behaviors after returning to the outdoors, and how they would differ from those of an indoor only cat who did not have his feral history.

Sure enough, we and other neighbors began to spot Everest. When Everest was avoiding the traps, Danielle was reassuring. She was very responsive to my questions and reviewed the video footage of his visits. As part of the developing plan, we cracked our garage door at night and saw on the cameras that he would come in. The lag in our internet cameras, however, precluded being able to safely close the door behind him. Danielle knew that for this purpose the addition of baby video monitors would be needed for the negligible lag, and with this crucial tip, we were able to devise and test a garage trap that could safely be used. That night, our outdoor internet camera alerted us to motion, and I quickly reviewed the baby monitors at the entrance of the garage, and at the area where Everest would need to be to be assured of closing the door safely. Once there, I closed the door from inside the house, and he was home!

When a pet is lost it is such an emotional time it is difficult to think clearly and act in the most effective way. Danielle’s extensive experience and reassuring manner was so helpful for keeping the search for Everest on track, and having that guidance enabled us to be much more methodical, levelheaded, and ultimately successful. We will always be grateful for her help!"

- Ohio
Lost Cat Moose Found

Moose Found After 10 Days Lost

I contacted Danielle almost a week after my cat Moose went missing.  She was very compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, and made me feel confident that we would find him. Six days later a neighbor who lives behind us alerted me that he was hiding under her neighbor’s house. I was able to trap him and bring him home. Thank you Danielle!"

- Rhode Island

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