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Helping Bring Science to the Lost Pet Search & Recovery Community A recent study found that as many as 15% of cats and dogs will go missing at least once.  Unfortunately, there is currently a shortage of accurate information on lost pet behavior available on the internet.  The mission of […]

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Missing Pet Partnership has partnered with the University of Queensland, Australia, to conduct the first-ever Missing Cat Study.  If you have ever lost a cat, please consider taking part in this online survey, which should take approximately 8 minutes to complete.  Click the following link to complete the Missing Cat […]

Missing Cat Study

I originally wrote this article as a response to a similarly titled article Should We Catch the Dog? by Mark Johnson, DVM, of Global Wildlife Resources.  The article and ensuing discussion were about whether we should always catch feral/roaming dogs or whether it is sometimes in the dog’s best interest to leave them free. […]

Should We Catch this Dog?

Humane cage traps and enclosure traps are effective methods for catching escaped indoor-only cats, outdoor-access cats lost away from home and skittish lost dogs.  However, monitoring a trap is often very labor intensive, especially when set away from your home.  Checking the trap frequently (such as every four hours in good […]

Wireless Wildlife Cameras and Trap Alarms

Many people with a lost pet think that a search dog is the best method for finding their pet.  However, most people tend to have unrealistic expectations and a lack of understanding of how a search dog works.  I previously wrote an article on considerations for Using a Search Dog, and in […]

Using a Search Dog to Track a Lost Outdoor-Access Cat