If you are looking for assistance with a missing pet, please fill out a Lost Pet Form and NOT the Contact Form below.  Lost Pet Forms are sent to my cell phone while Contact Forms are sent to my business email, which may only be checked once a day.

Mailing Address:  Lost Pet Research & Recovery, P.O. Box 1192, Granby, MA 01033

Email:  info{at}

Phone:  (413) 367-7171  -- Please note that phone messages may take more than 24 hours to return and you will likely get a much faster response using the Lost Pet Form or Contact Form.

Office Hours

M – Th 10 am – 7 pm (Eastern)
F & Sat 10 am – 2 pm
Sun Closed

Hours apply to consultations and inquiries.  On-site services may be provided 24/7.