On-Site Services

Interested in On-Site Assistance?

Submitting a Lost Pet Form is the fastest way to schedule on-site assistance or receive an on-site estimate.

Service Area

On-Site Services are currently only available in South Hadley, Massachusetts (near Springfield).  Limited on-site services may be available in surrounding towns.  To request on-site assistance, please fill out a Lost Pet Form.

If you live outside the service area, consider a Lost Cat Consultation or Lost Dog Consultation or check out the Guide to Finding a Pet Detective or Search Dog to find someone in your area.

How to Schedule On-Site Services

  1. Submit a Lost Pet Form.  If you have questions prior to purchasing on-site services, please note this on the form and you will be contacted.
  2. An estimate will be emailed to you along with available dates/times for on-site assistance.  
  3. Once on-site service is scheduled, you will be sent an invoice for an On-Site Reservation.  The remainder of service fees (if any) will be due after the on-site search or equipment rental.  Cancellation policies are at the end of the Services Agreement.  
  4. If a consultation has not already been provided, you will be asked to complete a Lost Pet Questionnaire and to return it along with copies of any posters or flyers that you are currently using. 

If you start with a Lost Pet Consultation, you can later choose to upgrade to On-Site Services, the consultation fee will be deducted from the On-Site Consultation fee*.  A consultation, whether on-site or by phone, is required for all on-site services including equipment rentals.

*An On-Site Reservation must be made within one week of purchase of the lost pet consultation to receive the deduction.  Deduction is up to the cost of a Basic Lost Pet Consultation.  

Learn More About How On-Site Services Work

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Types of On-Site Services Available

Lost Pet Research and Recovery offers on-site consultations, physical searches, humane trap and camera rental, assistance trapping and specialized capture of hard-to-trap pets.

My search dog Dante passed away in 2020 and we do not currently have a search dog.  Many lost pets can be found without the use of search dog.  If you really want a search dog, check out the Guide to Finding a Pet Detective or Search Dog to find someone in your area.

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