On-Site Services

Interested in On-Site Assistance?

Submitting a Lost Pet Form is the fastest way to schedule on-site assistance or receive an on-site estimate.

Service Area

On-Site Services are primarily available within 25 miles of South Hadley, Massachusetts (near Springfield), with limited availability up to 50 miles.  This includes most towns within Hampshire, Hampden and Franklin Counties in MA.  Limited availability in parts of Berkshire and Worcester County in MA and Hartford County in CT.

To request on-site assistance, please fill out a Lost Pet Form.

If you live outside the service area, consider a Lost Cat Consultation or Lost Dog Consultation or check out the Guide to Finding a Pet Detective or Search Dog to find someone in your area.

How to Schedule On-Site Services

  1. Submit a Lost Pet Form.  If you have questions prior to purchasing on-site services, please note this on the form and you will be contacted.
  2. An estimate will be emailed to you along with available dates/times for on-site assistance.  
  3. Once on-site service is scheduled, you will be sent an invoice for an On-Site Reservation.  The remainder of service fees (if any) will be due after the on-site search or equipment rental.  Cancellation policies are at the end of the Services Agreement.  
  4. If a consultation has not already been provided, you will be asked to complete a Lost Pet Questionnaire and to return it along with copies of any posters or flyers that you are currently using. 

If you start with a Lost Pet Consultation, you can later choose to upgrade to On-Site Services, the consultation fee will be deducted from the On-Site Consultation fee*.  A consultation, whether on-site or by phone, is required for all on-site services including equipment rentals.

*An On-Site Reservation must be made within one week of purchase of the lost pet consultation to receive the deduction.  Deduction is up to the cost of a Basic Lost Pet Consultation.  

How On-Site Services Work

Learn more about what to expect with different types of on-site services.  Also includes rough cost estimates.

Lost Dog Search

Search dog Dante

Lost Indoor-Only Cat Search

Hiding cat

Lost Outdoor-Access Cat Search

Search for Cat Lost Away From Home

Types of On-Site Services Available

Lost Pet Research and Recovery offers on-site consultations, physical searches, humane trap and camera rental, assistance trapping and specialized capture of hard-to-trap pets.

My search dog Dante passed away in 2020 and we do not currently have a search dog.  Many lost pets can be found without the use of search dog.  If you really want a search dog, check out the Guide to Finding a Pet Detective or Search Dog to find someone in your area.

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