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How a Lost Dog Search Works

Please be aware that I do NOT have a tracking dog that searches for lost dogs. If you are interested in finding a tracking dog, check out the Guide to Finding a Pet Detective or Search Dog. I would also strongly suggest reading this article on using search dogs first, so that you know what to expect. Many people expect the search dog to be the answer to finding their lost dog, but in reality very few (probably less than 5%) of lost dogs are located during a search with a tracking dog. Many lost dogs can be found, but other techniques are often more effective. In some cases, using a tracking dog can actually decrease the chances of catching your lost dog (read this article to learn more).

Since I do not have a tracking dog, most people start with a Lost Dog Consultation to learn the most effective methods for searching for their lost dog and also, very importantly, what to do and what NOT to do if they see their lost dog.  For more information on what is included in a Lost Dog Consultation or to purchase one, click here.  

My specialty with lost dogs is assistance with specialized capture techniques for dogs that have been located but cannot be caught by hand. It is unfortunately not uncommon for a lost dog to become so fearful once loose and on-the-run that they won’t approach anyone including their family members. Some of these dogs can be caught in a cage-type humane trap while others are “trap-shy” and require an enclosure trap or other capture method.

Cost of On-Site Services

On-site services packages are highly customized and an estimate will be provided upon submission of a Lost Pet Form. Just to give you a rough idea, a lost dog consultation plus equipment rental would probably start around $600 if you are located in the local service area.

The starting cost for assistance trapping and specialized capture is $800-$1,000 in the local service area. These services include additional costs due to multiple on-site visits and/or overnight trap monitoring. Please submit a Lost Pet Form to receive an estimate.

Rental of equipment requires signing an agreement that you will replace the cost of the equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged. A deposit for the (full or partial) replacement cost of rental equipment may be required at the time of rental and is not included in the above estimate. This will be refunded minus any outstanding rental fees or replacement costs of lost/stolen/damaged equipment. You are responsible for any fees incurred in returning equipment whether you choose to mail equipment or pay for on-site pick up. The full Equipment Rental Terms and Conditions are available within the Services Agreement.

For people that do not have the time and/or ability, I am also able to distribute flyers or put up posters. This service generally requires purchase of a lost cat consultation and is only available in the local service area. If interested, please inquire about the cost and availability.  

Service Area

See the On-Site Services page for the most up to date service area.

Scheduling On-Site Assistance

See the On-Site Services page for instructions on requesting on-site assistance.

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