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Lost Cat Tangerine FoundTangerine – Home After 2 Weeks Missing

Sunderland, MA

My indoor cat, Tangerine, went missing overnight and I didn’t notice until the next morning.  After trying some suggestions on the internet for a few days, to no avail, I sought help from Danielle when I found her site online.  She responded promptly and immediately threw herself into helping me bring my furry family member home.  She was professional and used every tool at her disposal to assist me.  She always kept in contact with me to offer advice and to tweek our plan.  Exactly two weeks after Tangerine went missing, Danielle’s diligence paid off and I had him back home.  I can’t stress enough that without her help, Tangerine would still be missing, or worse. I would highly recommend working with her in the event your cat goes missing.

~ Tom Scudder


Brock – Caught After 6 Weeks on the Run

Springfield, East Longmeadow, Hampden, etc., MA and Somers, CT

I assisted Dakin Humane Society in Springfield, MA, with the capture of a newly adopted dog that took off from their parking lot.  I never got a testimonial, but here’s a video of his capture in my enclosure trap.

Nik with Bongo FoundBongo – Home After 3 Weeks Missing

Blandford, MA

Right before my family and I went on vacation we had lost our six month old kitten Bongo. He had been lost near a highway in a heavily wooded large area with very few houses for about a mile around for a several days. It was at this time we contacted Danielle and she went up there and set wildlife cameras up and searched the area every few days while my family and I were gone. While we never actually caught him on camera, we had Danielle make up some large format posters to put around the area. At the beginning of the third week I received a call from a resident who lived in the area where he had gone missing, Bongo was found under their porch. At first they said they weren’t sure what to do with him since they didn’t know he was a lost cat. They contacted their neighbors and they told them about the posters they had seen and that he matched the picture and description. It was at this point they called me and I went up to their house and picked him up. He has recovered well and has had no further health complications due to his time lost in the wilderness. Without Danielle’s assistance and advice we most likely would have never found Bongo.

~ Nik Miclette and Family

Sophie TestimonialSophie – Home After 1 Day Lost

Peru, Vermont

I want to give a public “Thank You” to Danielle. My indoor only 16y.o. cat “Sophie” had escaped out of the house for just 24hrs. I had searched every remote area I could, and spent all day and night looking. After finally stopping for a break I decided to check the internet and came across LostPetResearch in the google ads. Honestly, I really felt it was all going to be money spent just to make me feel good. Let’s face it, everything on the internet can be made up- but NOT this lady’s advice. I spent the money for a phone consult and was promptly given an appointment for a consult. Saturday night at 8pm (no strict 9-5 hours here!). After a long chat with Danielle (I was not rushed, I was listened to and given lots of patience by her). She gave me some concrete steps to take- and really helped me focus my search. Honestly, I had NO idea where to focus or exactly how to search. She told me exactly what to do and I could not believe it I found little lost Sophie Cat within 10 minutes of going back outside! Something else I liked about her services is that she did not try and push me into getting the dog. I had resigned myself to spending the money and hiring her asap to get her search dog over to my area. She told me the dog searching was not right for my situation. I feel that’s one of the marks of a true pro- she cares about outcomes and is not just here to take my funds. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent (Sophie thinks so too). So thank you Danielle and if you’re on the fence for using her services I strongly suggest a basic phone consult right away!

~ Barrett


Redcloud - left - and SunnyRedcloud – Home After 3 Days Lost

Lincoln, Massachusetts

I contacted Danielle on October 25, two days after our indoor-only cat, Redcloud, escaped from the house and disappeared.  We live in a wooded area, surrounded by wetlands, and there are foxes and other predators in the surrounding woods.  Red had no outdoor experience, and the nights were getting cold.  We were beside ourselves with worry.  Despite two days of extensive searching, we saw no evidence of Redcloud.  Our posters and flyers also brought no reports of sightings, nor did our contact with the local police and animal control officer.

Within an hour of filling out Danielle’s web form, she contacted me and we arranged for a phone consultation that night.  Danielle was patient, knowledgeable, and reassuring.  She had aerial maps of our house and surroundings ready when we spoke, and suggested many options to us.  We learned that our strategy of leaving all the exterior lights on might have backfired and kept our frightened cat away!  We were also comforted to learn that cats are not often attacked by foxes, as we had feared the worst.  Our confidence in Danielle only increased when, for the first time, the food we put outside disappeared overnight.  It could have been another animal, but we were hopeful it was Red.

When Danielle and her area search dog, Dante, arrived for an on-site consultation the next day, we steeled ourselves for a long ordeal.  We felt that Redcloud was nearby, but that it would take time, patience, and ingenuity to coax him out of his hiding spot.  We were shocked and delighted when Dante homed in on Red’s refuge at the edge of the yard / beginning of the wetlands very quickly.  The meowing was unmistakably our boy!  After some patient and gentle coaxing, Redcloud was back!  We had searched that very same spot countless times ourselves over the past days and never once spotted Red or heard any vocalizations from him.

While our experience was unusual in its rapid resolution, Danielle’s patience and skill are constants that will benefit any lost pet scenario.  We couldn’t be more grateful!

~Debra & Mike


Iggy TestimonialIggy – Home After 25 Days Lost
Somerville, Massachusetts

My indoor only cat, Iggy, went missing on March 16th. I was actually out of the country and came home to find him missing, so was beyond distraught. I tried searching on my own for a week, with no luck. A friend of mine contacted Danielle, and not only was she incredibly helpful in setting up a plan of attack with specific things I could do, but she was the only reason I remained hopeful. I incorrectly thought that if an indoor cat did not come home within a night or two, all hope was lost. Not so! With Danielle’s advice and cameras, I “trapped” (with a humane cat trap) Iggy on the night of April 10th. I have never been more relieved to have that bundle of fur back home! Other than a bit of lost weight, he was fine, and even his coat was in perfect condition! I give Danielle complete credit, because without her I wouldn’t have known the first thing about how to find him, and more importantly, I wouldn’t have kept trying!

~ Melissa

Marcel safe and sound after returning home

Marcel safe and sound after returning home

Marcel – Home After 4 Days Lost
Westfield, Massachusetts

We lost our indoor cat, Marcel, on 10/10/2012 (10PM) and he was missing for 3 ½ days and finally retrieved on 10/14/2012 at 5AM. He basically vanished into thin-air and we were very concerned for his survival. Danielle helped us to better understand cat behavior and successfully create an environment around our home that helped Marcel get back safely. She helped us setup humane Havahart traps, camouflage & bait properly, and use simple baby monitoring gear to help ensure Marcel made it home. Although every pet can’t be found, it is without a doubt that Danielle’s help allowed us to stack the deck in our favor. We are extremely grateful to have Marcel back home !!

~ Chris

FrankieFrankie – Home After 8 Days Lost
Blandford, Massachusetts

This is Frankie and Johnny in their new home. They were adopted last April. Frankie, after being neutered at Blandford Animal Hospital, accidentally got out of his carrier in the parking lot and ran into the woods during the cold month of March. He was nowhere to be found. We decided to set traps in the area in the hopes that we would get him back. Every day for over a week, we drove all the way to Blandford Animal Hospital and reset traps in the morning and in the night. Each day passed and Frankie was nowhere in sight. We passed out flyers and knocked on doors. This particular area in Blandford has very few houses and lots of woods and fields. We were just about to give up hope as we would see coyote tracks in the snow while hiking hoping we would see cat tracks instead. One evening it had snowed quite a bit and we drove up the next morning and still no Frankie. Again disappointed, we packed up the traps, came home, and began to search online for more information on tracking cats.

I just happened to see an ad on the internet regarding pet detectives and decided to put a call in to see what else we could possibly do to find him. I spoke with a woman named Danielle and she decided to take a ride up there and place a camera to see if he was still around and feeding in that particular area. I received a phone call the next day and she informed me that she in fact saw signs of a cat underneath the deck where we had been placing the traps. She was keen on seeing paw marks in the dirt where the cat had gone to the bathroom, which was something we had totally missed. With this new information we tried trapping another day. We pulled in and I quickly ran to recheck all the traps we had set and there he was sitting and waiting for us. If it wasn’t for Danielle’s keen insight we may have given up and never got him back. We ran him across the road to Blandford Animal Hospital to have him checked out. He was in good shape considering he hadn’t eaten in a week. We brought him back to the shelter and happily he was adopted a few weeks later.

Westfield Homeless Cat Project

Betty TestimonialBetty – Home After 52 Days Lost
Burlington, Massachusetts

Betty is an indoor-only cat who accidentally got out at the end of May. She is a skittish, formerly feral cat, and I knew it would be difficult to recover her, so I called Danielle within a day. She told me exactly what to do and came out to my home to assist with searching and setting up feeding stations with motion-activated cameras. She improved my posters and helped me figure out where to place them. We were in touch throughout my search and I appreciated her calm and scientific approach. We got a picture of Betty in my next-door neighbor’s yard one week after she was out and then didn’t see her again. After a month had gone by, Danielle helped bring in a colleague with a search dog, who did a track that led us to expand our poster/flier area (consistent with Danielle’s recommendations based on Betty’s personality, background, and the amount of time she’d been out). That led to a credible sighting about 1/4 of a mile from my house. We set up a feeding station and got Betty on camera 4 days later! We botched our initial trapping attempt (we were using a drop trap instead of a cage trap since Betty is trap-shy, and didn’t get enough tension on the string). Betty stopped coming, so we took the trap away. Once she was eating at the spot regularly again, we put it back, heavily camouflaged with foliage, as recommended by Danielle. On July 21, my husband took food to the trap and Betty was waiting. She ran off when he approached, so he put the food under the trap and waited in the car for her to come back. When she did, he pulled the string on the pull-stick and trapped her. We are so happy to have her home and she is back to snuggling everyone in the family. We absolutely could not have gotten Betty back without Danielle’s calm guidance and arsenal of cat-recovery techniques. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who needs help finding a pet.

~ Michele

When first adopted, Bailey frequently hid behind the washing machine

When first adopted, Bailey frequently hid behind the washing machine

Bailey – Home After 51 Days Lost
Waltham, Massachusetts

My indoor-only cat Bailey slipped out the door one day in May. Having rescued him nearly 2 years prior when he started to come around soliciting food on a daily basis, at first I assumed he would come back around when he got hungry. After 24 hours of no sign of him, I started to panic. Particularly troubling to me was the wide variety of advice on the internet-I felt overwhelmed by what to do next. Within a couple of days I found Danielle’s website and contacted her. She drove the near 2 hours distance and helped me to set up a surveillance camera/feeding station outside of our apartment. While disappointing, this important first step helped us to confirm that the food being eaten daily outside our apartment was not him but another cat – it was time to consider new locations.  Over the course of over a month, Danielle continued to consult with me while I set up several new feeding/camera stations around my apartment complex, talked to countless people around the town seeing the all-too-common pure black cats, and talked to everyone that I came into contact with about him.

Eventually we started seeing who we thought was him on camera nearly nightly, but as soon as we would set up a trap, he would not show up. This was very frustrating, but Danielle continued to advise me and suggest changes to increase the likelihood of catching him.   A real change happened 44 days into his absence. A woman in my complex spotted him in an area close to where I had a camera and food station set up, but somewhere I had never thought to check myself. Assuming it would be like many of the other false alarms; I didn’t even particularly rush to get there. But when I did, it was obvious that it was him! At least I knew now that he was alive and well. He promptly ran away, but I was able to set up a second feeding station and camera and confirm that he regularly visited this new spot.  Every day for the next week I was able to see him in person and a week later we were able to set up a brand new trap, cleverly disguised and trap him right away.

I am so grateful to Danielle and her calm, constant advice. It is obvious that she understands lost cat behavior, and I am confident that if more people turned to her for advice rather than the myriad of what is available online, they too could be successful in getting back their beloved lost pets. Bailey suffered only minor injuries and is happy to be back in our loving arms.

~ Kelly

PedroPedro – Home After 28 Days Lost
Lanesboro, Massachusetts

On Halloween, our 11 year old cat Pedro escaped through an open basement door.  He is an indoor cat who has had very limited experience with the outside world, so we were very worried about him.  After days of searching and speaking to neighbors, I contacted Danielle.  She came to our home and helped us to set up cameras and food stations in order to try and lure Pedro home.  The area where we live is very rural so we began to assume that Pedro had run into a predator and would not return to us. Danielle is very knowledgeable not only about domestic animals, but about wild animals and their behavior.  She assured us that the likelihood of Pedro being eaten was actually rather slim.  After a few weeks, and after capturing a few of the neighbors’ cats in our garage trap, I was beginning to give up hope of ever finding him.  Danielle encouraged us to expand our search area and post signs a little farther away.  On Thanksgiving, we wandered the neighborhood with our signs and posted them where Danielle recommended.  As we were doing so, we spoke to several neighbors about Pedro.  This is what paid off….The Sunday after Thanksgiving a neighbor called to tell us that he saw Pedro on his deck.  He put out a can of tuna and tried to get close to him as he was eating.  Pedro ran under his deck and the neighbor reported that he was still there!  We took our trap and some food and went right over.  Within 10 minutes of setting the trap, Pedro was caught!  He was thin and dirty but in otherwise good health and he is as happy to be  home as we are to have him!  Without Danielle’s advice and expertise we never would have found him.  Thanks to Danielle!


tino5141Tino – Home After 16 Days Lost
Weston, Massachusetts

My indoor cat Tino escaped from a car window while it was stopped in traffic on the freeway nearly 20 miles from my home.  After a 24 hour search of the woods that he ran into produced nothing, I contacted Danielle from Compassionate Pet Services.  She promptly returned my call and was very helpful with specific guidance as to how to recover Tino, and even agreed to meet me at the loss site over 75 miles from her home.  After helping determine a couple of areas where the cat might be around, she then set up cameras and feeding stations to see if he would come eat there.  Additionally, per her advice, I put up over 100 color posters in a 3 mile radius and contacted every vet and shelter with 20 miles.  After 10 days of checking the camera every day, and daily searches that showed no sign of him, I was beginning to become very discouraged, and came very close to giving up and taking the cameras down. Danielle encouraged me to be patient, however, and fortunately, I followed her advice.  On the 11th day, sure enough, I checked the camera and found a picture with Tino eating the food I had left.  Per Danielle’s instructions, I immediately set a live trap and returned the next morning to find him trapped.  Needless to say I was completely overjoyed.  He had been missing in woods littered with coyote, raccoons and other wild animals for nearly 16 days and no one had seen any sign of him.  I was nearly sure I would never see him again.  I would strongly encourage anyone considering Danielle’s services not only to contract her, but also to follow all of her instructions faithfully, no matter how counter-intuitive they may seem.


MattieMattie – Home After 3 Days Lost
Winthrop, Massachusetts

Our totally indoor calico cat, Mattie, inexplicably disappeared from our 3rd floor apartment on May 6, 2010.  I contacted Danielle on May 9th, Mother’s Day, via email and left a phone message.  Despite the fact that it was a holiday, Danielle called back early that evening and provided a very helpful and kind telephone consultation. She answered slews of questions with obvious expertise and thoughtfulness and gave me a real sense of hope, which was incredibly important.  One of the areas in which she
focused my attention was ensuring that Mattie was not somewhere in our apartment building and  there was Mattie, to our absolute delight.  I am incredibly grateful for Danielle’s assistance; she helped ensure I had the best Mother’s Day present possible.


jake the snakeJake – Home After 9 Days Lost
South Hadley, Massachusetts

Danielle, at Compassionate Pet Services [former  business name], was so wonderful!  She is very professional, and does everything she can to help you feel relaxed and hopeful that your animal will come back!  Our dog Jake took off on us for over a week, in the very cold temps and snow, but we did everything we had to do to try to catch him. Along with traps, she uses her search dog Dante and he is good! He picked up on Jake’s tracks! Danielle set up cameras that caught many pictures of him, going to and from his hiding spots, and that kept us relieved to see he was still alive, and that he was staying in the area. She did everything she could do to help find our wonderful Jake, and we could never thank her enough!  I would recommend her services to anyone that has a missing animal. You won’t be disappointed.


Note: This is the only case where my search dog Dante ever assisted in finding a lost dog.  He is now strictly a cat detection dog and is not trained to follow the scent of a missing dog.

Huggy BearHuggy Bear – Home After 17 Days Lost
Belchertown, Massachusetts

Our cat, Huggy is a 17 year old indoor-only, neutered cat that got out our open cellar slider on Monday 9/21/09 around dinner time. Later that night around midnight my husband and I saw him by the treeline of our property and called him and then he retreated into the woods. We saw him last Thursday, 9/24 in the same general area sunning himself and rubbing his face in the grass around noon. We have two traps set on our property. One went off  Friday night, but whatever was in there got out. Monday we got a skunk in our other trap.  We live in a rural area of Belchertown where most everyone has an acre or two acre lot with a lot of wooded area.  By Thursday, 10/1, Huggy had been out for ten days already and I hadn’t seen him outside for a week. I filled out the lost cat profile and emailed Danielle Robertson at Compassionate Pet Services [former business name]. We spoke at length on the phone and she came over that evening and we rented a stealth surveillance camera and another trap which she set up for us. She was so helpful and had great ideas. That night we had a fox on the stealth camera, the next night nothing, then the next three nights we saw Huggy on the camera. It was so reassuring to know he was still in the area and okay, though not going close to the traps to eat. We spoke with Danielle every day by email and she was always thinking of new ways to get our Huggy home. Finally the evening of 10/7 we baitied the traps with some of his favorite foods (ham and tuna) and sprayed cat nip oil and Feliway in and around the traps and woke to find Huggy in one of the traps on 10/8. We took him to the vet and had him hecked out, he is down about three or four pounds and had several ticks, but he seems like himself and very happy to be home. Danielle had so many great suggustions on how to help get Huggy home. She is very compassionate and understands how pets react to being lost, along with how helpless we pet owners feel when our pets are missing. I would absolutely recommend Danielle to anyone who has a missing pet. I really can’t thank her enough.

Many Thanks,
Bonnie & Ed

Noodles testimonialNoodles – Home After 5 Days Lost
Chicopee, Massachusetts

Thanks to Danielle Robertson from www.compassionatepetservices.com [former business name], my cat was found today in the thorn bushes by my apartments. With her help we were able to rescue her with ease. She has great ideas and really understands how animals behave. I definitely recommend talking to her if anyone needs help.







Kit Kat testimonialKit Kat – Home After 31 Days Lost
Duxbury, Massachusetts

In March, my 9 year old cat, Kit Kat, escaped from my summer home through an unlatched door. She had been an indoor cat for several years since our neighborhood had been overrun with coyotes, foxes, and other predators. She hadn’t shown any interest in the outdoors for years, so we had no reason to assume that she had gotten out. For a few days, we assumed she was hiding somewhere in the house, as was her tendency, because she doesn’t like going in the car to go back to the city. When she didn’t turn up within a couple of days, my sister found Danielle’s website and contacted Compassionate Pet Services [former business name] for advice on how to go about getting the cat back.

Danielle gave us invaluable advice on the best ways to locate Kit Kat both inside and outside (since for the first few days, we didn’t know for certain whether she was trapped somewhere inside or she had gotten out). We filled out an extensive questionnaire that would help Danielle customize her advice to our situation and direct us to other resources on the Internet. She recommended a listening device for the house and provided instructions on the best way to thoroughly search every nook and cranny of the house. When we ruled out Kit Kat being inside, Danielle advised us about posting signs in the neighborhood and contacting neighbors, and she said to put food out for the cat and to spread baking flour on the ground around the dish to determine if a cat was eating the food or if it was another animal. When we did so, it became clear that it was a cat eating the food. Danielle then instructed us on how often to put out food for her, how best to search for her in the yard and the neighborhood, and what else we could do to improve the chances of getting her home.

About a month after Kit Kat had disappeared, she finally returned home on her own. She was hungry and skinny and a little jumpier than usual, but she was in far better shape than she would have been without Danielle’s advice to continue to feed her, because cats do take a while to come back when they’re not used to being outside and they’re scared. Most importantly, we never gave up hope that she would come home, and we never gave up trying to find her. Danielle provided so many crucial suggestions and so much comforting guidance during our search for Kit Kat. I am truly grateful beyond words for her assistance and her successful advice.


This is just a small sample of lost & found cases.  For more happy endings, please visit us on Facebook.