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The lost pet Resources include free information and links to other useful online materials including an article on Search Dogs that is a must read for anyone considering hiring a search dog team to find their lost pet.

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Popular Resources

  • Amber Alerts: Learn about the different lost pet alert systems available (and which ones to avoid)
  • Lost Cat Behavior:  Links to free information on lost cat behavior and purchase books written by other pet detectives
  • Lost Dog Behavior: Links to free information on lost dog behavior and purchase books written by other pet detectives
  • Lost Pet Search Checklists:  Free search checklists designed by Lost Pet Research & Recovery
  • Search Dogs:  Learn what to expect when using a search dog to find a missing pet

For additional, more comprehensive information, consider visiting these sections of Lost Pet Research & Recovery.

The Lost Pet Recovery Online Instructions include:

  • Checklists and comprehensive search action plans
  • Instructions and templates for highly effective lost pet posters
  • Instructions for using feeding stations and surveillance
  • Effective trapping techniques including information on trapping hard-to-catch dogs and cats.
  • Finding and using a search dog

Access to the instructions is provided with any lost pet phone consultation or can be purchased separately.  Access to the instructions can be purchased here.

The Blog contains summaries of research articles obtained from the scientific literature and my own research projects covering numerous topics including cat and dog behavior, GPS & radio-tracking devices, trapping & surveillance techniques, and predator behavior. To receive more frequent updates and insights into lost pet research & recovery, please “like” us on Facebook.

The Research & Education section is for people who want to learn more about lost pet search & recovery to help others and for people who want to contribute their ideas to improve search & recovery methods and services.

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