Online Posting

Local Sites

Online advertising is especially important in cases of lost dogs and friendly lost cats.  Make sure to post on any local newspapers and local classifieds sites such as Craigslist.

National Sites

There are many national sites for posting of lost and found cats and dogs, but unfortunately, most people who find a missing pet are unaware of the existence of such sites.  You might still consider posting on these sites, but make sure that you focus on local sites first.  However, there are a few that I would recommend.

Lost My Doggie or Lost My Kitty:  In addition to providing a free posting on their lost & found database, they will also create a free flyer and email/fax it to 25 nearby shelters and vets.  Free listings only last 14 days.  This company also provides paid services that contact your neighbors and/or many more local businesses, shelters and vets.

Helping Lost Pets:  This lost & found pet database posts your missing pet’s information on an interactive map.  This provides easy searching for other lost & found pets in the area.  Also creates a free flyer and a link that can be shared on Facebook.

For a list of additional national sites, check out Oliver Alert.

Social Media

Also consider posting your lost pet on your own Facebook page as well as “community pages” for any local newspapers, shelters or rescue groups.  Check out the Animal Rescue Facebook Directory for a partial list of rescue groups on Facebook. In addition try searching keywords such as “lost” or “missing” and your state (both as an abbreviation and written out).

New England Resources

Lost Pet Research & Recovery is located in western Massachusetts.  These are local sites to post your lost pet online in western/central Massachusetts and New England.

Local Newspapers


Local – western/central Massachusetts
New England