Search Checklists

When your cat or dog goes missing, make sure that you are taking all the important steps to bring them home quickly and safely.  The Lost Pet Research Search Checklists provide a brief overview of the most important search actions along with links to additional information.

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There are three different search checklists available for lost cats because the important actions to take in each situation are significantly different. Make sure that you select the most appropriate checklist.

The checklists include:

  • Search Checklist for Lost Dogs
  • Search Checklist for Lost Indoor-Only Cats: cats that have never been outside or are only allowed outside supervised, such as in an enclosure or on a leash.
  • Search Checklist for Lost Outdoor-Access Cats: any cat that is allowed outside unsupervised.
  • Search Checklist for Cats Lost Away from Home: any cat (either indoor-only or outdoor-access) that is lost from an unfamiliar location, such as the vet’s office, while visiting someone or after you move to a new home.