The use of humane traps is a method frequently used to reunite lost pets with their families.  Many cats, especially escaped indoor-only cats, will not approach people (even those they know and love) once they are lost and scared.  Skittish dogs may also need to be captured in cage or enclosure traps.

Cat Trapping

Cats in the Bag:  provides instructions on different methods of capturing lost cats including the Kitty Buffet, Simply Sitting, and the House Trap as well as humane traps.

Feral cat rescue groups (those that conduct Trap-Neuter-Return) also provide some useful information on trapping cats.

Hard-to-Trap Cats

Some cats are particularly difficult to trap, and you may need to resort to using a drop trap or other tricks of the trade.  A drop trap is a large box with a pull-stick that must be manually activated, which can involve long hours of monitoring.

Dog Trapping

For the best information available on humanely trapping a skittish lost or stray dog, check out the Feral Dog Blog.  This blog is hosted by Dr. Mark Johnson, the founder of Global Wildlife Resources, and it includes access to a free training library.