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Lost Pet Research & Recovery is here to provide the services, information, and resources that you need to help find your lost pet. I have been helping people find their missing pets since 2009 and my cat detection dog Dante has been finding missing cats since 2010.  I have a B.A. in wildlife ecology and experience as a wildlife biologist and veterinary technician.  I am certified as a Missing Animal Response Technician* through Missing Pet Partnership, a national non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners/guardians.

Phone consultations are available anywhere in the United States and may be available in Canada and other countries using Skype.  Please note that I am unable to return international calls on my phone.  On-site services are generally available within 100 miles of South Hadley, MA (near Springfield).  This includes most of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island and parts of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  On-site services include searches with cat detection dog, rental of surveillance (a.k.a.  wildlife) cameras and humane traps and assistance trapping skittish hard-to-trap lost pets.

Please be aware that my search dog is an area search dog for lost cats.  This means that he will search yard-by-yard for any cat and is not a scent-specific tracking dog that actually tracks the scent of your particular missing cat.  I specialize in finding escaped indoor-only cats and catching hard-to-trap dogs and cats.

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A phone consultation is often the quickest way to receive assistance finding a lost pet.  If you later decide to purchase on-site assistance, the phone consultation is deducted from the on-site fee.

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A Lost Pet Form is the fastest way to a schedule on-site services or receive an on-site estimate.  On-site assistance is available in MA, RI, CT and parts of NY, VT and NH.

Lost Pet Research and Recovery Service Area
Lost Pet Research and Recovery Service Area

Danielle Robertson, Lost Pet Research & Recovery, P.O. Box 1192, Granby, MA 01033

*Certified (ID #: 015-07) as a Missing Animal Response (MAR) technician through Missing Pet Partnership, a national non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners/guardians.  As a MAR technician, I provide education on lost pet behavior, physical searches similar to search and rescue operations, and assistance with capture of loose pets.  Please note that I am not a licensed private investigator (as defined in M.G.L. Chapter 147 Section 22) although I may be referred to as a “pet detective.”  As such, I do not provide investigative services and you are advised to hire a licensed private investigator if you require these services such as if you suspect that your pet has been stolen.