Lost Dog Behavior

There is A LOT of information on the internet on how to find a lost dog.  Unfortunately, much of the information on lost dog behavior and recovery is inaccurate and can even have you doing things that decrease the chances of finding your lost dog.  Make sure that you are getting reliable information by getting it from this site or those resources listed below.

Lost Dog Behavior Resources on Lost Pet Research & Recovery

The Lost Pet Research and Recovery site contains a lot of free and low cost information on lost dog behavior.

Lost Dog Behavior Websites

These are some other websites with quality information on lost dog behavior and trapping stray dogs.

Lost Dog Recovery Guides

Several pet detectives have written guides on how to find a lost dog.

Lost dog recovery guide

Lost Dog Recovery Guide

Written by pet detectives Annalisa Berns of Pet Search & Rescue and Landa Coldiron of Lost Pet Detection.

This guide is a 80+ page e-book (PDF download) and is available in the Lost Pet Research Store.

Three Retriever's Guide to Finding Your Lost Dog

Written by James Branson – pet detective/owner of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue and former president of Missing Pet Partnership

This guide is available as a paperback or Kindle book from Amazon.com.  If you don’t own a Kindle, download the free Kindle app for smartphones and computers.

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