Shelters and Rescue Groups


Do not assume that you don’t need to check with shelters or rescue groups just because your cat or dog had an ID tag or microchip.  Collars often fall off or are removed and microchips can be missed.  Some small rescue groups may not even have the ability or manpower to check all incoming animals for microchips.  If at all possible, visit shelters and rescues.  Don’t only rely on online postings!  Some pets may be adopted out before being posted and injured/sick animals may end up being euthanized and never posted.  Many shelters and rescue groups are understaffed or all volunteer and do not have the time to post all found/adoptable pets on their website, Facebook page or

Finding Local Shelters and Rescue Groups

If your pet is missing, you should contact your local animal control officer and any local shelters and rescue groups.  These sites provide zip-code searches for shelters, rescue groups, and some animal control facilities.  I would suggest checking them both since neither one offers a complete list.  If you don’t see a shelter or animal control listed for your town, check your town website or call your local police department.

You may also be able to find a more comprehensive list of local shelters and rescues by checking the resources section of a regional lost and found group.  If you live in western Massachusetts, check the Lost Pet Research and Recovery shelter and rescue group list.  Check Lost Dogs of America to see if they have a group in your state.  Then check their Facebook listing to see if they have a website.  Lastly, check their website for a list of shelters/rescues or other local resources.

Posting to Local Shelters and Rescue Groups

Several online posting sites will share your lost pet posting with local shelters, rescues and pet businesses.  See: Online Posting for more information.