Shelters and Rescue Groups

If your pet is missing, you should contact your local animal control officer and any local shelters and rescue groups.  These sites provide zip-code searches for shelters, rescue groups, and some animal control facilities.  I would suggest checking them both since neither one offers a complete list.

Important: Do not assume that you don’t need to check with shelters or rescue groups just because your cat or dog had an ID tag or microchip.  Collars often fall off or are removed and microchips can be missed.  Some small rescue groups may not even have the ability or manpower to check all incoming animals for microchips.

Western Massachusetts Resources

Lost Pet Research & Recovery is located in western Massachusetts in the greater Springfield area.  This is a list of local shelters and rescue groups in this area.

Adoption hours frequently change, so check the group’s website or call to confirm hours are correct.  If your rescue group is not listed and you would like to be added, please Contact Us.

General Information:

  • Massachusetts has a legal hold period of seven days for all stray dogs.  If they are not reclaimed by their owners during this time, they may be put up for adoption, transferred to a rescue group or possibly euthanized.
  • Massachusetts does not have a legal hold time for stray cats, but most shelters and rescue groups will hold cats for 2-5 days before they are potentially put up for adoption.  Re-check shelters for missing cats frequently!
  • Do not rely completely on shelter/rescue group website listings of available pets.  These are often not updated that frequently and some pets are never listed.
  • If possible, visit shelters/rescue groups to view the animals and give them a flyer with picture of your missing pet.


Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society
Dakin expanded to the former MSPCA building in Springfield in 2009 and now has two locations.

Springfield Adoption Center
171 Union Street, Springfield, MA 01105
(413) 781-4000

Leverett Adoption Center
163 Montague Road, Leverett, MA 01054
(413) 548-9898

Adoption center hours–Leverett & Springfield

Saturday and Sunday: noon to 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: noon to 5:30 p.m.
Thursdays: noon to 7:30 p.m.
Closed Mondays


  • Only accepts owner surrenders and does not pick up stray animals.  However, lost pets can still end up here if someone rescues a cat or dog off the street and then brings it to the humane society.
  • Keeps a lost & found pet database which stores information for up to one year.
  • Check the Dakin Facebook page for postings of lost, found, and adoptable pets.

Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption
Provides animal control services for Springfield, Holyoke,and  Chicopee

627 Cottage Street, Springfield, MA 01104
(413) 781-1484

Phone: 413.781.1484

Fax:     413.781.5331



Adoption Center Hours:
Tuesday & Saturday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Thursday 2:00pm-7:00pm

Closed Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and holidays


  • Be sure to visit T.J. O’Connor to search for your missing pet.  Only adoptable pets are listed on their website.  There are many more animals onsite that are not listed, especially dogs in the stray holding kennels.
  • Lost & Found pet listings are posted on a cork board for animal control officers and shelter staff & volunteers to check.  Listings are posted for approximately one month before being taken down and stored.
  • Both adoptable and some stray dogs and cats are listed on the T.J. O’Connor Facebook page.

Southwick Animal Control & Shelter

11 Depot St., Southwick, MA 01077
(413) 569-5348 x649

Animal Control Officer: Tracy Root




  • Adoptable pets may be listed on Pet Finder, Craigslist, and most often on Facebook.

Westfield Animal Shelter
New shelter opened in 2010.  Currently serving dogs only.

178 Apremont Way, Westfield, MA 01085

Office: (413) 564-3129

Fax:  (413) 564-3107
Animal Control Officer: Ken Frazer

Cell: (413) 246-3814


Adoption Center Hours:

Tuesday through Friday: 12:00 pm.-5:00 pm.
Saturday: 10:00 am.-4:00 pm.
Sunday: 10:00 am.-2:00 pm.

Cat Rescue Groups

Agawam Friends of the Homeless Cats

  • Has a Lost and Found section where you can post your lost cat.

Feline Friends Cat Sanctuary
P.O. Box 174, Feeding Hills, MA 01030
(413) 786-5019


Weekly adoption hours at Dave’s Soda and Pet City in Agawam
Saturdays 12pm-3pm

Some cats are housed 24/7 at Dave’s.

Halfway Home Cat Rescue

Chicopee, MA 01014 US
No website, but cats are listed on

Homeless Cat Project
This group of volunteers helps humanely trap feral cats, transport them to veterinarians for shots and spaying or neutering, and then returns the cats to their familiar environment. The cats are fed daily and provided with shelter by a responsible caregiver.  Friendly cats that are trapped living in feral cat colonies may be placed in foster homes until they are adopted.

For more information, see Concerned Citizens for Animals.

Springfield, MA

(413) 783-4996


More HCP contacts are available upon request.  Just fill out a Contact form.

Positive Options

Rainbow Rescues, Inc.
See listing under dog rescue groups.

Westfield Homeless Cat Project
No-kill cat rescue shelter staffed by volunteers.

1124 East Mountain Road, Westfield, MA 01085
(413) 568-6964



Adoption Hours:  Thursdays 4pm-7pm, Saturday 11am-3pm, and Sunday 12pm-3pm.  Double-check these with the WHCP before showing up as they change seasonally.


  • This is the most well known no-kill cat shelter in the area.  Even if it is not especially close to where you lost your cat, it is still a good idea to contact them.
  • Some adoptable cats are listed on and on the WHCP Facebook page, but not all cats are listed.

Dog Rescue Groups

F.A.C.E.S., Inc. Dog Adoption and Rescue Network
Operates a network of volunteer foster homes in western Massachusetts.

Northeastern Boxer Rescue
An all-volunteer rescue group dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home unwanted and abandoned boxer dogs within the Northeastern United States

P.O. Box 95, Sunderland, MA 01375
(413) 367-9292                email:

Rainbow Rescues, Inc.
89 Rolf Ave., Chicopee, MA 01020
(413) 612-2744                 email:


Animal Control Officers Association of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Animal Control Officers