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A pendulum is often used in map dowsing

An animal communicator or pet psychic is a person who communicates telepathically with living and/or deceased animals.  I have never personally worked with an animal communicator, but I try to keep an open mind since somewhere between 30-50% of people who seek my help looking for a lost pet also contact an animal communicator at some time.  Not all animal communicators will work lost pet cases, and if you decide to try using one, I would recommend finding someone who has experience in this area.  One major shortcoming of many animal communicators is that they usually only provide descriptions of where the lost pet is located from the animal’s perspective and this information is generally not detailed enough to actually assist in the search.  The owner is told to look for a red barn, a yard with a picnic table or a large field.  This can lead to a lot of wasted time searching for this feature rather than focusing on effective search techniques such as well designed lost pet posters.  Worst case, some people will develop tunnel vision and only focus on the information provided by the animal communicator and ignore good sightings or leads if these don’t match up with this description.  According to some of my clients, another shortcoming of using animal communicators is that they are often providing information from the past rather than where the lost pet is at that moment.

Some animal communicators use a technique called map dowsing to find the area where your lost pet is located on a map.  This would seem to be a much more effective method for locating a missing pet especially when combined with the more common method of obtaining a visual description of the area.  The really good animal communicators will also provide you with emotional support and techniques for dealing with the trauma of searching for a missing pet as well as methods for improving your chances of locating your lost pet.

Selecting and Using an Animal Communicator

  1. Make sure that they have experience working lost pet cases or better yet, specialize in this field.
  2. Ideally select someone that uses map dowsing in addition to traditional animal communication.
  3. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if they have a rating as well as any other online ratings such as Yelp!
  4. Actually read the Services Agreement and any Disclaimers listed on their site.
  5. A good animal communicator will provide emotional support as well as information pertaining to locating your lost pet.
  6. Incorporate the information that you receive from the animal communicator into your search, but do not focus exclusively on this information and ignore other search methods or possible leads.
  7. If an animal communicator should tell you that your pet is deceased, consider getting a second opinion.  Animal communicators admit that it is difficult to determine if a lost pet is deceased and it is relatively easy to make a mistake, especially if the person does not have a lot of experience working missing pet cases.

Since I haven’t worked with any, I cannot give a recommendation for any particular animal communicator.  The animal communicators listed below specialize in working missing pet cases.  You might also consider doing an internet search for “animal communicator” and “map dowsing.”

  • Tim Link, owner of Wagging Tails, specializes in lost pet recovery and uses map dowsing.
  • Jacqueline Smith has over 20 years of experience searching for lost pets.  She doesn’t appear to use map dowsing, but uses other methods to attempt to determine a geographic area to search for your lost pet.  She seems to have a good understanding of lost pet behavior and other (non-psychic) methods of lost pet recovery.
  • Carol Gurney specializes in locating lost pets.  She does not use map dowsing, but attempts to collect as many details as possible on the lost pet’s current location.

Disclaimer: Lost Pet Research & Recovery (LPRR) makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to, and assumes no responsibility for, the services provided by these individuals, and LPRR expressly disclaims all liability for damages or loss of any kind arising out of the use or performance of services provided by these individuals/companies.

2 thoughts on “Animal Communicators”

  1. Odette Joubert

    Our dog Quentin, has been missing for 5 months in Johannesburg South Africa. I used 7 Animal Communicators; local (South Africa) and one very well known American. 2 did map dowsing. Results were so varied. Areas were completely different. We searched every lead and area that was presented. Some said our dog was stolen from the start. Others said he was on his own, lost, trying to get home. Sadly.. we have still not found our beloved pet, after extensive searches in an urban area and following up on all leads. We have tried all of the following: contacting vets, shelters, placing News paper ads and handing out flyers and putting up posters. What keeps us searching still, is the fact that they all say he is still alive.

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