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Click on the links below or use the menu.  You will be prompted to enter the Instructions password that you received.  The password is changed periodically.  If you did not receive a password or if your current password does not work, please submit a Contact Form or email me.

Questions or Comments

I am constantly in the process of adding and updating materials in the Lost Pet Recovery Instructions.  If you have any questions about material in the instructions that are unclear or if you have suggestions on what materials should be added, please submit a Contact Form or email me.

Getting Started

I recommend starting by downloading a Search Checklist (if you’re in a hurry) and Search Plan.  Then read over the pages on lost cat or lost dog behavior.

Lost Pet Recovery Instructions Menu

  • Checklists and Search Action Plans
    • I recommend starting by downloading a Search Checklist and Search Plan.
    • Learn what you need to be doing right away and refer to the other Instructions links for more information.
    • Also contains checklists for trapping lost dogs and lost cats
  • Lost Indoor-Only Cat Behavior – This includes cats that have never been outside or are only allowed outside supervised, such as in an enclosure or on a leash.  Also includes newly adopted cats with an unknown background as long as they have not been allowed outside since you adopted them.
  • Lost Outdoor-Access Cat Behavior – This includes any cat that is allowed outside unsupervised even if only for a brief time.  Also includes information on behavior of outdoor-access cats that are lost away from home or while traveling.
  • Lost Dog Behavior
  • Posters & Flyers
    • Know the difference between a poster and a flyer and where to use them
    • Instruction on how to create highly-effective lost pet posters and flyers
    • Most effective placement of lost pet posters
    • Downloadable templates for posters and flyers
  • Online posting
    • Learn how to create safe and effective craigslist ads
    • The best places to post your lost pet on the internet
    • How to use effectively use social media (like Facebook) to help find your missing pet
  • Checking Sightings
    • Don’t waste time and get your hopes up chasing false leads.
    • Learn how to effectively check potential sightings.
  • Search Dogs
    • How to find a lost pet search dog
    • Understand how a search dog works and learn what situations they are most (and least) effective for locating a missing pet
    • Learn how to prepare for the arrival of the search dog to maximize the effectiveness of the search
  • Using a Feeding Station to attract a lost pet
    • Know the risks involved and make an informed decision on when and where to use one
    • Learn effective baits and lures (i.e. non-food attractants)
    • Learn how to minimize problems with wildlife
  • Surveillance Cameras
    • Understand how surveillance cameras such as wildlife or security cameras can help you find your missing pet
    • Where to find a good yet affordable wildlife camera
    • Learn how to effectively set up a wildlife camera
    • Tips on how to view and interpret wildlife camera photos
    • Information on wireless trail cameras and how these can improve your search
  • Trapping
    • Learn when you should use a trap to catch a lost dog or cat
    • How to find a good trap
    • Learn effective trapping techniques to avoid costly trapping mistakes
    • How to use a trap alarm to monitor your trap
    • Information on catching hard-to-trap or trap-shy dogs and cats

Cat tracks in shallow snow.

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