Flyer Design

Flyers should contain more information than posters and are usually hand-delivered, mailed or posted in areas where people are walking.  The biggest mistake that most people make is posting flyers as if they are posters and expecting people to be able to read them while driving.

Important info to include:

  • Reward for information leading to return (only if you want to offer one)
  • Detailed description, but leave out at least one identifying characteristic
  • If your cat or dog is skittish, state “shy – do not chase!”
  • Date lost
  • Phone number with area code
  • For safety reasons, I generally suggest not putting your home address.  Instead use a street name or intersection
  • If possible include an email address
  • Also include the link to a Facebook page or Blog if you have one
  • Add a note asking people to take a picture of the flyer with their cell phone so that they have it on-hand
  • Add a note asking people to try and take a picture of your lost pet after they call in the sighting (not advisable with really shy animals)
You can shrink a full-size lost cat flyer and fit several on a page.
You can shrink a full-size lost cat flyer and fit several on a page.

Flyers can be hand-delivered or mailed by your post office.  There are also services that will do this, but they are a lot more expensive.  You can find more information on these options, under Amber Alerts.  Please be aware that it is against federal law to place flyers in mailboxes without postage.  Instead place them on doors or tape to mailbox poles.

The flyers that you hand out do not need to be a full sheet of paper.  You can shrink them down and print off 2 to 4 per page.  Just make sure that you don’t make them too small to easily read.  If distributing flyers in your neighborhood, consider using a “letter-style” flyer to include more information (see photo below).  Flyers placed up at stores, bus stations, etc should be on a full sheet of paper, and the kind with tear-off tabs is best.

Flyer Templates

Lost Cat Flyer
Lost Cat Flyer

Template: Lost Cat Flyer

Letter-style lost cat flyer
Letter-style lost cat flyer

Template: Lost Cat Flyer – Letter Style

Lost Cat Flyer with Tear-off Tabs
Lost Cat Flyer with Tear-off Tabs

Template: Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs