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Lost Pet Recovery Instructions


The Lost Pet Recovery Instructions are available exclusively from Lost Pet Research and Recovery.  This purchase provides access to password protected web pages.  The instructions include information on finding and using search dogs, creating effective lost pet posters (including templates), how and when to use feeding stations, effectively using wildlife cameras and humane traps to catch lost cats and dogs.

You can download your copy of the Instructions links, which include the password, after you make your purchase.  A copy will also be emailed to you.  The download link will expire seven days from the purchase date.

The Lost Pet Recovery Instructions are password protected pages available only on Lost Pet Research and Recovery.

The Lost Pet Recovery Instructions currently contain:

  • Checklists and comprehensive Search Action Plans
  • Using a Feeding Station to attract a lost pet
    • Know the risks involved and make an informed decision on when and where to use one
    • Learn effective baits and lures (i.e. non-food attractants)
    • Learn how to minimize problems with wildlife
  • Online posting
    • Learn how to create safe and effective craigslist ads
    • The best places to post your lost pet on the internet
    • How to use social media (like Facebook) to help find your missing pet
  • Posters & Flyers
    • Instruction on how to create highly-effective lost pet posters and flyers
    • Most effective placement of lost pet posters
    • Downloadable templates for posters and flyers
  • Search Dogs
    • How to find a lost pet search dog
    • Understand how a search dog works and learn what situations they are most (and least) effective for locating a missing pet
    • Learn how to prepare for the arrival of the search dog to maximize the effectiveness of the search
  • Surveillance
    • Understand how surveillance tools such as wildlife cameras and trap alarms can help you find your missing pet
    • Where to find a good yet affordable wildlife camera
    • Learn how to effectively set up a wildlife camera
    • Tips on how to view and interpret wildlife camera photos
    • Information on wireless trail cameras and how these can improve your search
  • Trapping
    • Understand how trapping is an effective technique to find lost cats and skittish lost dogs
    • How to find a trap
    • Learn effective trapping techniques to avoid costly trapping mistakes
    • Information on catching hard-to-trap dogs and cats


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