Lost Pet Search Dog Training In Mystic, CT

Dante Searching
My search dog, Dante, working at cat detection training.

Missing Animal Response K9 Boot Camp

Mystic, CT – Spring/Summer 2015
Presented by Kat Albrecht with K9 Pet Trackers™ 
Hosted by Marge Lineweber with My Dog’s Place

Pet Detective Kat Albrecht is the founder of Missing Pet Partnership, the CEO of “K9 Pet Trackers,” and the author of the book “Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets.” Since 1997, Kat has trained and certified many “MAR” (missing animal response) dogs and has trained over 200 “pet detectives” worldwide. Through her “MAR K9 Boot Camp” Kat evaluates and trains beginner through advanced dogs in K9 pet detective (MAR) work. This boot camp will be held over a 3-day period and consists of the following: Day 1 = evaluations (for dogs not already evaluated), sign offs for certification preparation, and private lessons Day 2 = lost cat search scenarios / lost dog search scenarios Day 3 = 30 minute private lesson with Kat. Students are encouraged to observe other handlers and dogs in training and also to work closely with training partners to help each other work on training assignments suggested by Kat. Both handlers and observers (without search dogs) are welcome.

This training is not yet scheduled, but it is planned for the spring or summer of 2015.  The cost for this 3-day training for “Handlers” with a search dog is $350.00 (cost for handler with 2 search dogs is  $550.00. Space is limited to just 15 participating handlers / dogs. Cost for “Observers” (without dogs) is $175.00 and there is no limit on observers.  For more information on the training, visit K9 Pet Trackers or email Kat Albrecht at info@katalbrecht.com.

I have attended this boot camp with my own search dog, Dante.  I would recommend attending whether or not you have a potential search dog yet, and I would be happy to answer any questions.   Just fill out a Contact Form.

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