Basic Lost Pet Phone Consultation


Many lost cats and dogs can be found if you just know the proper search techniques, and the sooner you implement these techniques, the quicker you can find your lost pet.  With the Basic Lost Pet Phone Consultation, you will receive one-on-one support with an experienced pet detective.  If you first purchase this phone consultation and later decide to purchase On-Site Assistance, the cost of the phone consultation will be deducted from the on-site services fee.  See the Description tab below for a detailed explanation of what is included in the Basic Phone Consultation.



The Basic Lost Pet Phone Consultation includes a 45 to 60 minute phone consultation with additional materials emailed as follow-up. You will receive an in-depth analysis of your case and a prioritized plan of action on how to best search for your lost pet.  If you have internet access, you also have the opportunity to view search maps, example posters and other demos during the call.  If not, these will be emailed to you as follow-up.

For this consultation, you will be asked to complete and submit a Lost Cat Questionnaire or Lost Dog Questionnaire prior to the consultation. This will be used to determine the following:

  • your pet’s behavior profile and history
  • the circumstances involved in your pet’s disappearance
  • the location and environment in which your pet became lost
  • what search techniques that you have used to-date

I will then analyze this information along with satellite imagery of the location where your pet became lost in order to create a personalized search strategy.  You will also receive:

  • a link to a Google Map showing prioritized areas for searching, distributing flyers, and postering
  • a copy of my Lost Pet Search Plan with a prioritized plan of action
  • design of one poster or flyer, which will be emailed to you as a PDF
  • as a bonus you also receive FREE access to the Lost Pet Recovery Online Instructions

During the call, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions to address particular concerns.  Please note, the Basic Phone Consultation does NOT include any follow-up phone or email support.  If you would like additional support, check out the Comprehensive Consultation or you can purchase it separately as Additional Consultation Support.


After purchasing a phone consultation, you will be emailed and/or texted a list of available times to choose from.  Most consultations can be scheduled within 24 to 48 hours.  If you would like to check availability prior to purchasing a consultation, please submit a Contact Form or text 413-367-7171.

RUSH fee:  All consultations are treated as emergencies and will be scheduled as soon as possible, but only during normal business hours.  For current business hours, scroll to bottom of the website.  If you want first choice of available times or want the option to schedule outside of normal business hours, you can purchase a RUSH on your consultation.  To speed up the time on your consultation, please email or text your availability after you make your purchase.  Also, make sure to complete your lost pet questionnaire ASAP, and email copies of posters or flyers.  A rush consultation can be done without completing a questionnaire, but this is not recommended.

Available – Anywhere in the United States.  Also available in Canada and other countries using online web conference programs.  I am unable to return international calls by phone.

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