Help contribute to improvements in lost pet search & recovery methods and services by completing or sharing these surveys.

Cat Homing Behavior Survey

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Homing is the inherent ability of an animal to navigate towards a known location from an unknown location.   Examples of homing behavior include:

  • When a newly adopted cat travels back to their original home.
  • When an individual moves to a new home and their cat travels back to their old home.
  • When a cat escapes from a vet, groomer or other location away from home and travels back to their home.
  • When a cat is accidentally or intentionally transported away from home and travels back to their home.

It is not considered homing behavior if the cat goes missing from an unknown location and then returns to that same location such as an indoor-only cat escaping outside and then returning home on their own.  There are many stories of cats displaying homing behavior, but there is very little research on the subject.  If your cat has ever displayed homing behavior, please consider taking this very short survey.  To take the survey, click here.

Missing Cat Study

Cat Sitting in Woods - Morgue FileMissing Pet Partnership and the University of Queensland, Australia, have partnered to conduct the first-ever Missing Cat Study.  Through an online survey, this study will interview cat owner/guardians who’ve lost a cat and identify the typical distances that lost cats travel, how they behave when lost, and the most effective recovery methods.  If you’ve ever lost a cat, please help by participating in this survey, which should only take 8 minutes to complete.  To take the survey, click here.

Predator Attack Survey

If you have ever had a companion animal attacked by a predator, please consider filling out this short survey.  Your feedback will be used to help others better understand predatory attacks on companion animals and hopefully provide information that will help prevent some of these attacks from occurring.  The survey should only take 5 minutes to complete.  To take the survey, click here.

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